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Zombie Apocalypse Park: Opening Soon

Deira Island is soon to be hone yo the largest zombie-themed park in the world. The Zombie Apocalypse Park will house 12 major attractions, such as a haunted house, paintball, laser tag, and corn mazes. Experience Zombieland in Virtual Reality 9D Cinema and feast on a zombie-styled dining menu. Here are some of the main attractions to look forward to at the Zombie Apocalypse Park:

  • Haunted House: With blood-dripping zombies coming out of every nook and corner, this haunted house guarantees to leave you trembling.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Attractions: The 65,000 sq. ft park has been engineered with glow-in-the-dark technology. Rest assured, there is a eerie surprise waiting for you at every turn.
  • Paintball: Make your Zombie war dreams come true and attack the army of the dead at this paintball match.
  • Target Games: Sharpen your skills at throwing and archery. Oh! Beware of the zombies waiting to attack!
  • Zombie Races: Escape from the living dead as you make your way through dark alleys and corn mazes.
  • Escape Rooms: Solve clues to get out the dark rooms, or find yourself at the mercy of the zombies who pop out once the time is up!
  • Virtual Reality: Enter the spooky world of Zombies at this 9D Cinematic experience.
  • LIVE Acts: Watch zombies perform for you at this thrilling theatre.
  • Zombie-themed Cafe: How can a trip to a Zombie park be complete if you don't eat like a zombie.

Zombie Apocalypse Park tickets will be available for purchase soon.